EcoMark marking laser

for food branding


Natural branding offers you all the advantages of cost-effective and environmentally friendly marking for fruit and vegetables.

Absolutely no chemical consumables, packaging materials or stickers are used. The laser removes only the pigments of the outer layer without affecting the food. This allows you to respond to increasing organic requirements while simultaneously increasing your productivity through automation. Natural banding also offers you a flexible and environmentally friendly process without the use of inks and labels. EcoMark machines are fitted with a 30 W laser. It is therefore possible for labelling to be carried out in around 0.3 second per logo. Due to a special lens, height differences of up to 50 mm (+/- 25 mm) can be offset automatically.

New options

With the flexibility of natural branding, you have additional marketing options for every event. Whereas you used to have to calculate using lead times and additional costs, you can now respond quickly to every customer requirement. New logos and texts are imported quickly and a sample is produced straight away.


It is possible to reorganize production in just seconds. The user-friendly software enables a different production setting to be called up with a few clicks. Should small corrections to the program be required due to a new change, this can be done straight away and the result can be looked at too. Optimum results can be produced for every product and the shelf life of products can be increased.


The NB 3001 model is the cost-effective introduction to natural branding technology. Individual products as well as whole crates can be marked ra idly. Thanks to the two loading stations, the box changeover can be made during marking. Downtimes are therefore reduced to a minimum. > data sheet

With the built-in conveyor belt, the NB 3002 model enables marking “On the Fly”. This machine marks the fruit continuously without stoping. The software automatically calculates the optimum belt speed. The machine capacity is therefore used optimally. > data sheet

Your solution

Customization and adaptation to existing production lines is of course always possible. Major time savings can therefore be made with few resources.

Allow us to advise you.

We will be pleased to test results and cycle times with your products and logo.